Daughter.  Happy-clappy Jesus follower.

International teacher. Perpetual singer.

World traveler. Health nut.

Classic over-analyzer. Bookworm.

Board game enthusiast.
Recovering perfectionist.


More About Me

When I'm not teaching, traveling the world, or serving at my church here in Beijing, I love to have conversations about life. I love discussing what God is doing in my life, the lessons I'm learning, and what stories I'm currently absorbed in (This Is Us, anyone?). Throw in a steaming cup of non-caffeinated goodness and I'm one happy woman.

Truth and Travels was born out of my passions for sharing stories and encouraging others in their faith. I've always been amazed at the power that stories have to encourage. To inspire. To let people know they're not alone. And ultimately, as is the case with the Bible, to change hearts and minds.


I'm passionate about sharing my testimonies, grappling with biblical truths, and about encouraging others to do the same. 



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